"Would You Like Total Financial Freedom With Enough Money so You Need Never Work Again? Enough to Live a Comfortable Life and Help Others."

Stuart Goldsmith
    Stuart Goldsmith

 Let me guide you to this goal as I have done for 32,649 other freedom-seekers over the last 20 years...

Dear Friend,

Are you sick of flogging away, year after year... and getting nowhere?

Every time you creep a little bit ahead, ‘wham!’ along comes something to knock you back down. Usually it’s another unexpected bill or expense.

Ever felt that life was a game of snakes and ladders – with most of the ladders removed?

Have you been hoping that one day ‘something’ will happen to free you from the need to waste your talents just to pay the bills?

Most people's plans in this regard stretch no further than the National Lottery!

Some people buy yet another scheme promising 'loadsamoney' for no effort. Others try to ‘channel’ money using some mumbo-jumbo they read about in a book or saw on a ‘secret’ DVD.

Yet nothing seems to work...

Meanwhile the years tick by and little changes... except you get a bit older.

No matter how hard you work or how much you try to save, the results are never what you expect.

Usually there’s not even enough to provide a modest pension. And that’s after a lifetime of hard slog.

But it doesn't have to be like this...

It is possible to break free from slavery and claim your life back from those who seek to exploit you for their own ends.

I can guide you personally in how to do this – if you are willing. But first, if you've never heard of me, I should say a little about myself.

My name is Stuart Goldsmith. For the last 20 years my passion has been helping people to achieve financial freedom. Over 32,000 people have received my personal training, aimed at showing them how to get to a stage in life where they never have to work again.

I hold over one thousand grateful testimonial letters, many of which can be seen here: http://www.stuartgoldsmith.com/comments.html.

You may have already read one of my books or courses but in case you haven’t, let me make a straight statement of fact. I am a multimillionaire. And I started from nothing.

In fact I had less than nothing. My debts, excluding mortgage, were the equivalent of £100,000 in today’s money. When I decided I was angry enough at my poverty I became a Financial Freedom Fighter.

I vowed to blast free from poverty and into wealth. I achieved that and now I am going to share those secrets with you, if you would like to follow me as 32,649 people have before you. 

Let me be clear: I am not promising millions for zero effort. Yes, some of my students have made several million from what I’ve shown them, and I hope it happens for you as well. But let's take things one step at a time. First you need to attain financial freedom – and this is quite achievable – particularly if you have a mentor.

This message is to invite you to be mentored to wealth and freedom by a genuine multimillionaire who has trained thousands of students in his techniques.

I help people mainly through my writings. My best-selling titles include The Midas Method; Seven Secrets of the Millionaires; The Inner Circle; The Way of the Warrior; Real Life and others. My books and courses have sold hundreds of thousands of copies in a dozen countries worldwide and have been translated into six languages. I also train people personally in seminars here in the UK.

Okay, what do I mean by 'financial freedom'?, I mean having enough money to live a comfortable life without ever having to work again

I call this amount your ‘Financial Freedom Figure.’ 

As a rule of thumb you need a minimum of half a million pounds in spare funds to achieve this status (so you can't count your house equity, if any!).

One million is better, and two million is very comfortable. 

When you have this amount of money, you are free (basically because you can live off the interest). Your days are then yours to do with as you want. Your one, irreplaceable life has been returned to you.

How amazing would that be! 

I'm guessing that's not true for you at the moment. It's likely that you must work many hours each week just to pay for the basics of life. Okay, it may be doing something you love, but that would be unusual. Either way you don't have a real choice. You have to work. That to me is slavery.

Imagine never having to work again! You are finally free to do exactly as you please. No boss. No lousy job. No meagre pay cheque. And no more worries about debt or bills – ever again.

An impossible fantasy? Here’s my answer…

Over 619,000* people in the UK have achieved this quite realistic goal.
* Source Barclays Wealth

Perhaps in your more frustrated moments you feel these people must have cheated and caught an express elevator to the top or been airlifted to the ‘summit of success’. Yet you know this cannot be true. Sure, some might have become wealthy by sheer dumb luck or having an unfair leg-up – but 619,000

Not likely.

The truth is that such a large horde of people have tramped this path that they have left a deeply worn channel for you to follow… if you choose to.

Isn’t it time you joined us at the top? The view is great up here.

Some people seem to prefer being like a goat tethered to a stake on the lower slopes, eating the same circular patch of grass!

So I have a question to ask you, and I think at this stage of your life you owe yourself the answer:

Do You Sincerely Want Financial Freedom?

It’s a simple question. Think for a short while about the difference it would make if you never had to work again. Imagine having half a million pounds or more to spare. What would change? Would your life be better?

Time’s up! If you need more than five seconds to think about that one, you’re in trouble! Of course life would be better. At the very least you would have more choices. 

As long as you didn’t blow it on consumer junk, that half a million would buy you your freedom. Interestingly, you wouldn't be rich with that amount, but you would be free at last. Life would be more fun, exciting and powerful.

When you have this amount of spare money you suddenly get your life back. That can be very exhilarating.

As well as being comfortable you can now help others. You can also start to think about putting your energies and talents out into the world to make it a better place. You may even have a dream – something you’ve always longed to do… ‘one day’.

You may not know what this dream is yet, and why would you? Nobody told you such a thing was possible! They don’t want your ‘fancy dreams’ to distract you from your primary task – to be a nice tame consumer/producer. 

To achieve your dream, you may need extra money over and above the ‘Financial Freedom Figure’. Some dreams come with a small price-tag, some dreams come with a very large price-tag. I can show you how to get this money too.

Forget Greed!

The point is not to accumulate money for its own sake – that’s just greedy and I doubt if you are a greedy person.

I'm hoping you've arrived here after becoming heartily sick of schemes and promises of large sums for zero effort. 

Very pretty I’m sure. But this Rolex will set you
back £350,000. The ultimate ego indulgence!
Think what else you could do with that kind of

I'm also hoping you're a little appalled at the greed of the world and the mess that greed is getting us all into.

Of course I want you to have a comfortable life. I live a very comfortable life myself. But I don't believe the purpose of money is to buy silly toys, to lord it over others and to indulge in greedy consumerism to massage one’s ego. I’ve done all these things in the past by the way so I'm not preaching! 

Money is much more important and serious than that. I’m hoping you are above such greedy trivia

Once you are comfortable, money is for putting your dream out into the world and making it a better place.

Money is an enabling force. It allows you to be the real you; to go wherever you want, to actualise your dreams, to help other people. 

It creates a life of power as opposed to a life of quiet desperation and hopeless mediocrity. I am passionate about living a life of power; that is why I write my books and have personally helped over 32,000 to achieve success in their lives.

We only have one life. This is it. This is not a rehearsal. So how can anyone squander it by trudging around the same treadmill, year after year? 

To become free you must fight, and this means breaking the chains that bind you and seizing back control of your destiny. It also means being angry enough to change

A vague half-hearted desire to be free will not achieve what you're looking for. You have to be mad as hell at what’s been done to you… yes and what YOU have allowed to happen as well, for we are not only in the blame game.

Hours, days, weeks and even years are wasted by drifting through a life divided between work, sleeping, socialising, watching TV and shopping. This is half a life. You must start to release yourself immediately from this now, today.

Start developing a Warrior attitude! What can you lose, really? Not a lot. What can you gain? Everything you ever dreamed of. The lifestyle you always wanted. Absolute financial security, fun, power, achievement, comfort, respect, and maybe the most important thing of all… the ability to make a lasting difference in the world rather than just moaning about it!

Let me ask you…

“What other plans could you possibly have that are more pressing than this plan to free yourself once and for all from the grind, the worry and the lack of choices?”

Surely there is only one plan worth having? The only plan a powerful human being can have is to be all you are capable of being. To push the limits and keep growing. To try for that next goal – to shoot for the bigger dream. To make the world a better place. This is a masterful life. A life filled with power. 

A life worth living.

It’s a busy life with little time for drifting of the sort engaged in by the poor in pocket and in spirit. It is a ‘full to bursting’ life with your energies and talents directed purposefully towards positive goals. 

Wouldn't you love to create something
better than this?

Such people are special. When you become one of them, others will seek you out for your advice and company.

Most people merely consume and leave the world a slightly poorer place than when they entered it. Their legacy is a mountain of trash caused by their lifetime of consumption. 

You will be using your energies and talents to improve the lot of your family and your fellow travellers.

Yes and live a comfortable life yourself – there’s nothing ‘hair shirt’ about what I am proposing. 

When you become financially free, most people will consider you ‘lucky’ to have made some money. To them, making money is a purely random event which happens accidentally ‘to’ someone for no effort on their part. They spend their lives sitting around waiting for this miracle to happen ‘to’ them.

I guess I'm saying that when you become wealthy and free, many people will be jealous and you may lose some of your ‘friends’.

If you become wealthy, it is just too hard for your friends to accept because the implication is that they could do it too – and that would mean change. That’s bad news. They'd rather avoid you or bring you down than be faced with your silent accusation every day.

So... Are You up For it?

Still interested? Still want to fight your way to financial freedom?

Good. You’re my kind of person. You’re prepared to fight and win or go down trying.

Are you a docile factory cow to be milked by the government, bosses and others?

No. The very thought makes you angry.

Are you a mindless ‘consumer’ to be programmed by the media and the advertisers and sold any trash they feel like offloading onto you so they can fill THEIR boots with YOUR money?

No. The rubbish they churn out makes you sick.

Do you wallow in vapid entertainment created for the masses? Do you compete with others to see who can be the more ordinary? Do you crave to be liked by all, even strangers?

 No? I’m very pleased to hear it.

Are you prepared to settle for a life of third-rate mediocrity? 

I’m hoping the very thought makes you queasy.

Are you annoyed that other people seem to be moving ahead to achieve their own financial freedom whilst you are getting further behind?

Good. Your annoyance will hopefully stimulate you to take some action.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if you never achieved something worthwhile – never created something wonderful or helped anyone apart from yourself?

I'm hoping that if you've read this far, the thought of being like that alarms you.

I'm also hoping you're feeling a little tingle of excitement that finally you have come across someone who tells it like it is.

Apart from being completely free for the rest of your life, your real reward is self-respect. If you get the fickle, temporary respect of the herd or your friends, then that's a bonus, but don't count on it for long!

You will look back on a happy life of achievement whilst others recall a lifetime of drudgery.

Most importantly, you will be fulfilling your true potential and this is the greatest pleasure a man or woman can experience. It is very hard to do this until you become free from worker-drone drudgery. Let’s face it, you’re just too tired after work has sucked the best out of you. 

The rest of humanity is content to live way below their potential, and this is the greatest misery a man or woman can experience. So really it's a choice between a powerless life of poverty and unhappiness… or a wonderful life of wealth, achievement and the power to make a difference.

Your choice.

So how about choosing a life of power, wealth and fulfilment as others have before you? How about choosing right now to have a rich and satisfying life in which you fulfil your true potential and become everything you were born to be? To do that you need time (freedom from wage slavery) and money (most dreams come with a price-tag even if it’s just an unearned annual income so that you can paint, write, travel or whatever it is you have always longed to do.)

Don’t you owe it to yourself to have a shot at it?

Have I got you hyped up enough to shake off that lethargy and shoot for a meaningful life?

Yes? Great! Because there is a way in which you can have all of these things.

After 20 years of training 32,000+ students in wealth creation via my books, courses and sell-out seminars, I have come to believe that it is much easier to achieve financial freedom with a mentor. Someone who's ‘been there and done that’ – preferably a multimillionaire. After all you don't want to learn about money from someone who is penniless!

I have created a very special mentoring program which could be just what you have been seeking.

I call it the Beyond Wealth Program.

It is a new program where I reveal the practical methods which wealthy people use year after year to make their money—and how you can join us.

My new mentoring program is all about making enough money to live a good life and never work again (if you don’t want to) as ‘step one’. Then it’s about getting even more money to put your dream out into the world.

The first step is rapidly to get you enough money to buy your freedom from the ‘master’.

Your life will be handed back to you (sorry, I cannot arrange a ceremony, certificate and fanfare!) and you will be a free person. At that stage you will have enough to pay your bills and to live a comfortable, but not extravagant, lifestyle.

That means no more boss, no commuting, no work politics, no wasted life.

Yes YOU Can do This!

I know you can become financially free because I am not a special person. I am no better than you.

I went from the worst, most deprived area of town with wheel-less cars up on bricks and fridges dumped in front gardens, to arguably the finest house in town with superb panoramic views of unspoiled countryside. I went from a scrap-yard on wheels (an old mini which was so rusty it used to fill with water in the rain) to top of the range cars. In my ego days I've owned Porsche, Mercedes and BMWs. These days I drive a Prius (which unfortunately emits more smug than most other cars!)

In the past, the best I could manage was a guilty 50p in a charity collection tin. These days I give thousands away. Again I’m only mentioning these things to show you what can be done. If I can do it I know you can. 

And I have one other reason for telling you about my success – it's to stop you wasting time trying to learn about making money from people who have never made any. If you want to learn about financial freedom, ask a wealthy person who has successfully mentored others to wealth.

I am that person.

Okay How Does This All Work?

If you've read this far, you're at least thinking about being mentored by me, here's what you need to know...

Mentoring takes a considerable amount of my personal time. 

My mission is to free people from wage drudgery and mindless consumerism so that they can release the brilliant and talented person buried inside.

You can't do much when you're a broke wage slave. All you can do is get your head down, say “yes” to the master and keep working to pay the bills.

I want to be absolutely sure to get the right quality of people. I also don't want to waste your time if my style of teaching is not for you. And I admit it doesn't suit everybody. I have to reveal some dark truths to you which you may not relish.

I’m not promising ‘easy’. I’m just promising freedom.

I admit this isn't for everyone and at this point I would like to apply my notorious 'Flake Filter'!

If you are looking to make money quickly for little or no effort on your part then I have nothing to offer you. Similarly, if you believe the fantasy that you can ‘attract’ wealth without doing anything practical to achieve it, this is not for you. Finally, in the course I discuss wealth principles for attaining amounts ranging from £1,000 - £100 million. There is no guarantee that you will attain ANY extra money as a result of merely reading these materials – it’s totally down to you and what you actually do to make it happen, using the principles I will teach you, just as I have taught thousands before you. The higher the level of wealth you want, the harder it is to achieve—hopefully that is obvious. Bottom line? No free lunches. No easy ride. No 'something for nothing'. I hope that's clear.

So to be fair to you and allow you to make an informed choice, I have decided to break the mentoring program down into three phases.

Phase 1 – Financial Freedom Fighter – Free Foundation Lesson

This is an introductory lesson on financial freedom. Its main purpose is to prepare you for a positive change in your financial circumstances and to ensure we are both on the same sheet of music. I've given you some idea of where I'm coming from in this missive but you need to know that I mean it!

I need to know you are hungry/angry enough to break free. You need to know I am the right teacher for you.

I write in quite a hard-hitting style because you don't have unlimited time to ‘make it’. The introductory lesson will sort out the serious from the dreamers.

Only the serious will be suitable for the next level.

Phase 2 – Advanced Beyond Wealth Training

This is where your Beyond Wealth training begins in earnest. You will be allowed a copy of the Beyond Wealth ‘bible’ which is a beautiful, faux leather-bound book containing ‘The Teachings’. It has been called “The world's most expensive book on wealth creation”. You will also be enrolled onto the advanced course and receive weekly advanced Financial Freedom Fighter lessons. There are also many other free bonuses and benefits when you join.

Phase 3 – Initiate

This is by my personal invitation once you have completed phases 1 & 2. Do not concern yourself with this level at the moment. If you are accepted you will be invited to meet me face to face and have access to certain other highly advanced materials aimed at propelling you way Beyond Wealth. First you’ll need to prove you are made of ‘The Right Stuff’! The higher level materials can be seen as quite shocking so you will not be able to access them until you have studied with me for about a year.

I normally like students to go through the Phase 1: Financial Freedom Fighter introductory lesson before they enrol onto the full Beyond Wealth (Phase 2) but I do not insist upon this. If you feel you are advanced enough you can apply directly for the Beyond Wealth Phase 2 training. 

If you are one of my previous students (for example if you were on my Inner Circle course) you are probably advanced enough to skip the foundation lesson (you receive this lesson anyway, free of charge, if you enrol on the advanced Beyond Wealth course, so you won’t miss out).

What is The Cost to Get Started?

I hope you’re going to love this…

There is no cost for the introductory lesson of Phase 1 (Financial Freedom Fighter).

I offer this is an entirely FREE mentoring service so that you can get to know my style and see if what I have to offer is for you or not. I only want you to make a contribution when you have seen for yourself the sheer quality and power of this information. Only then, if you agree, will I charge for Phase 2 – the full Beyond Wealth Advanced Training programme.

"Once Stuart had taken me under his wing, financial freedom was the easy bit - I quickly and easily made millions within a few years of meeting him. Unexpectedly, the challenging part was learning what to do with my newfound freedom, but Stuart delivered again – I'm now a bestselling novelist, and he's still helping me. Hard to believe I was once broke in a dead-end job. Anyone who's lucky enough to have Stuart to mentor them is in for the ride of their life! Now I have to fulfill the vow I made Stu: to help someone else and make the world better..."

Jim P. (Kent)

If, having completed the free foundation lesson, you decide to apply for the Beyond Wealth Advanced training (and providing you pass The Flake Filter) you will be shown how to access the higher level training materials.

Beyond Wealth will build on your knowledge and propel you forward to total financial freedom and beyond to get as much money as you need to put your dream into action.

I hope you agree I've made this very fair so that you can test drive me as your mentor for… absolutely nothing! 

Here is just a tiny taster of what you will learn on the Beyond Wealth Course

Without urgent and immediate action, your future AT BEST consists of a modest life, with modest income and looking forward to a modest retirement.

Beyond Wealth is a book and home study programme written by two multi-millionaires. It is an intensely practical course aimed at getting you from where you are now (no matter how poor) as far up the ‘wealth ladder’ as you feel able to climb.

The following bullet points represent about 10% of the course content!

  • Wage slavery – what it is, how to get out of it.
  • When you work for a living you are effectively prostituting your life for a few pounds an hour.
  • Failure is working hard in some dreary job for a modest salary and never achieving either financial freedom, or getting the buzz which comes from giving it a serious try.
  • It’s a scary thought that most people's lives are wasted in making somebody else wealthy.
  • The two levels of wealth are: Level One: Financial Freedom. Your life has been handed back to you. You have enough money to live modestly without ever having to work again. You're not rich, you are merely free. However, this is a very enviable state and one enjoyed by less than 5% of the population. Level Two: Beyond Wealth. You are financially free and have enough money to live exactly the sort of life you choose. You also have enough to put your dream out into the world, if you have one. You are engaged in work that is meaningful, purposeful, and which almost certainly aids your fellow travellers. This brings immense happiness.
  • How to attain Financial Freedom (this is NOT an ‘easy money’ course.)
  • The ultimate objective is to have enough money invested across several ideas (usually no more than 20, and typically 10 or so) most of which generate a passive income for you.
  • Why programmes like ‘the secret’ won’t move you an inch towards your dreams with firm, decisive ACTION.
  • You should decide right now to choose a better life for yourself.
  • “If you keep on doing what you've always done—you'll keep on getting what you've always got.”
  • Most people can't take the truth about what is needed to become wealthy and free and THAT’S why they stay poor, trapped and powerless.
  • It’s urgent you get out of the rufus-doofus mindset and thinking a lot smarter and a lot bigger.
  • The old model is dead and buried. But hardly anybody has realised this.
  • The entire financial savings and investment system of the country is geared towards relieving you of the bulk of any gain you might make from your savings.
  • There are only two ways to become rich. One, if we remove ‘luck’!
  • You must regain your financial independence.
  • Why you’ll have to dump a lot of your beliefs about the society you live in, how money is really made and how it is wasted.
  • Are you made of ‘the right stuff’?
  • In order to make serious money (apart from luck) you are going to have to take some risks.
  • You cannot move from where you are now, to where you want to be without looking at your attitude to risk.
  • The terrifying financial costs of smoking and drinking.
  • Stop spending like a poor person!
  • Practical techniques for making money between £10,000 and a hundred million pounds.
  • Without a valid ‘why’ you cannot become wealthy and happy.
  • Why do you want money? And how much?
  • How much money is ‘enough’?
  • What ‘Financial Freedom’ means and how much you need to achieve it.
  • Amassing your ‘seedcorn capital’.
  • Leveraging seedcorn capital - the secret of the wealthy!
  • In order to be rich you need to do what rich people do-plant many seeds and nurture them.
  • Why you must be ‘in business’ if you are to get wealthy (but not traditional businesses).
  • Are you seeking recognition or money?
  • Are you a warrior or are you a wimp?
  • You can’t stand on the sidelines – you’re either IN the game or OUT.
  • Allowing your true light and talent to shine out.
  • There is sufficient money to go around. Your gain need not be another’s loss.
  • The real truth about money and happiness.
  • The five main reasons people want money (they are all different.)
  • Why ‘power’ has a bad press and why you must seek positive power.
  • Breaking free of the bonds of servitude.
  • How others get you to slave for them and sacrifice to them.
  • The shocking truth about your schooling.
  • Your enemies: governments, religions, media, bosses, big corporations.
  • Getting financially free is about waking up!
  • Why friends and family often DON’T want you to succeed.
  • Yes it’s possible for everyone to be rich!
  • The Four levels of financial freedom. Where are you?
  • Getting debt-free is the first step.
  • The horrendous cost of your ego!
  • Overcoming fear.
  • The ladder of wealth. No matter where you are, the course aims to get you further up.
  • Developing the entrepreneurial mindset and the ‘money-making radar scan.’
  • The entrepreneurial formula – most wealthy people use it.
  • Big problems = big payments.
  • How to calculate your freedom figure.
  • How to get out of debt.
  • The truth about savings and why you should save, even if the returns are currently low.
  • Stop Spending!!!
  • How to find your dream.
  • The ultimate Goal Setting guide.
  • Practical wealth-generating ideas which you can implement immediately.
And a LOT more besides! 

It's Decision Time

I feel confident that you have probably read enough to make your decision.

The chance to be mentored by a genuine multimillionaire who has helped 32,000+ students, and absolutely for free initially, is not a difficult decision to make!

But the final decision is in your hands, of course. 

Are you going to live a life of quiet desperation, never having enough to make ends meet, never being free of the need to work? 

Or are you going to seize this chance, get mad and have a shot at fighting your way to freedom?

You’ve perhaps tried a few things already, but I humbly submit they haven’t worked because you’ve probably been using the wrong methods! 

I can straighten that out for you—if you will allow me.

Are you willing to learn from me – someone who started from flat, stony broke and made millions? I have helped 32,000+ people in the last 20 years and hold over a thousand grateful ‘thank you’ letters from my students, one of which I received just this week and have reproduced above. You can see hundreds of others on my web site.

To enrol on the course and receive your FREE foundation lesson please complete the brief details form below and click on 'submit'.

Soon you could be enjoying a very different life. A life where you are free from wage slavery and have enough money to live comfortably AND help others in a meaningful way.

I look forward to welcoming you as a student.

Best Regards

Stuart Goldsmith

PS  There really is a way for the ordinary person to become financially free. Millions have done this in the UK alone. Let me show you how you can join them, just as I have for 32,000+ others.

The first foundation lesson is totally free, so please subscribe with absolute peace of mind.

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Course in Financial Freedom.

I understand I will receive the first lesson of the course entirely free of charge to allow me to make my mind up if this is for me or not before I commit to the full course.

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